Sunday 30 March 2014

Andrew Barton Salon Visit

In just a few months I am getting married and the planning is finally coming along nicely. This did mean however that when it came to getting my hair done a few weeks ago I had to think more long term than usual.  I very much want to look like 'me' for the day and this includes doing my own make-up and getting my hair colour my usual blonde, just a better version of it.  

When it comes to great colour AJ at Andrew Barton in Covent Garden is the real deal.  He instantly understood what I was after and talked me through the options. We went for a slightly more natural colour, still with ashy highlights but breaking them up with my natural darker blonde.  The salon uses Pureology products from their Strength Care range which left my hair nourished and healthy looking with a shine it hasn't had for ages. I will definitely be trying these for myself.

The salon is beautiful with amazing lighting and dog wallpaper (to go with their dog friendly environment - seriously, you can take your poodle with you).  It is only a 3 minute walk from the tube station and is just off of Covent Garden's central square so you can pick up a new Burberry lippy in the Beauty Box and some macaroons from Laduree on the way home.  

I am thrilled with my hair colour (thanks AJ) and will be booking in just before the big day!  Want perfect colour then pay them a visit x


Wednesday 26 March 2014

Acqua Di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo

You just can't beat the smell of summer. Freshly cut grass, BBQs and now Acqua di Parma's new Blu Mediterraneo fragrance.

Now I know it's not quite summer, however the spring London sunshine has definitely succeeded in getting everyone in the mood.

I was kindly invited along to the Blu Mediterraneo newest launch last week to check out the smell of Sardinia and it's crystal blue sea.  Acqua di Parma's first unisex scent has a spicy woody scent filled with pepper, juniper berries and balsalmic notes... perfect for long sultry summer evenings. Start summer early and treat yourself to this divine perfume. Love xx


Tuesday 4 March 2014

& other stories does hand cream

I have a serious crush on the beauty products at & other stories.  If you still haven't visited their website it is a must, or if you're in London the store is beautiful. This hand balm not only has gorgeous simple luxury looking packaging, but it's thick and creamy with a fresh citrus scent.  Perfect to brighten every day and a handbag essential.


Monday 3 March 2014

Vivienne Westwood orb necklace

A Vivienne Westwood orb necklace has been on my list for as long as I can remember but I have been waiting to find the perfect style.  This studded gold orb with rose gold crystals is completely perfect to style with a white boyfriend tee and leather jacket.  It's just launched on My Wardrobe so pick one up quickly before it flys.  One is on it's way to me as we speak.  


Sunday 2 March 2014

Kahina Argan Oil for perfectly soft skin

It's always this time of year when my skin starts to suffer from the cold and the heating. Try patches are a nightmare and cause my foundation to wrinkle.  No moisturiser seems to give enough depth to clear it up and I'm stuck with it until the weather warms up a bit.  

Well not any more.  What we need is a little luxury.  Beautiful beauty site 'Beauty Works West' travels the world to find great products that combine science with proven techniques.  They stock some gorgeous brands that work!  Kahina is a brand from Morocco that uses the purest Argan nut oil which is proven to prevent ageing and is full of fatty acids and anti-oxidants.  The pure Kahina Argan Oil has many uses but for me it is ideal for moisturising.  Just a few drops rubbed into your face morning and night get rid of any dryness.  It soaks in leaving skin super soft and dewy.  This product can also be used on hair (great for spit ends) and on hands and nails.  It really is the perfect emergency product for any beauty worry. It's not cheap, but will last a long time and only a few drops are needed.  I highly recommend.  

For all over perfectly moisturised skin try Kahina's Body Serum which works like a body oil.  Again containing Argan Oil it gives all over softness which is ideal for this time of year.  The serum is best used straight out of the shower to ensure it soaks in well.  This product also has a wonderful scent of pachouli, cloves and ylang ylang.  

This collection by Kahina has seriously improved my mood and my skin!  Give it a go.


Saturday 1 March 2014

Daffodil yellow knit and an early morning stroll

A very spring-like Saturday morning in the country and surrounded by daffodils.  I'm wearing my new Topshop pool sliders which was rather fresh, maybe still a little too early for them.  Snap them up quickly though as they are flying.  Available in black, white, and snakeskin (mine) they are fabulous with everything from bleached jeans and an oversized tee to a summer dress. I've paired them with this pic-of-the-season pastel yellow fluffy knit from Primark (in stores now) and these wide leg Topshop trousers which are a sample but I'm sure something similar will be hitting down soon.  Don't you just love the fact we can see Summer is coming after all?

Primark yellow knit £10 - in store now

Topshop trousers 

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