Tuesday 21 March 2017


Doesn't a bright day just change your mood?  I always feel like I can achieve anything when the sun's out.  The Spring weather is still pretty mixed here but the odd warm afternoon with blue skies reassures that Summer is not that far away.  

Spring weather brings with it those wonderful scents that just ooze excitement.  Whether it's cut grass, salty warm sea or Cherry Blossom the smells of spring bring the promise of an enticing year ahead.

I have fallen rather in love with another scent that landed on my doorstep this week.  Coach are launching there Coach Eau de Toilette in May which is inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York.  This fresh scent is filled with pear and white Alba roses.  Lasting all day it puts a wonderful spring in your step whether you're racing around the city or relaxing in the countryside.  

I am a huge, huge fan of Coach's current Eau de Parfum fragrance which is again light and perfect for Spring.  It is filled with the scent of bright, sparkling raspberry and Turkish roses.  This Springtime why not give flowers or chocolates a miss and pick up this beauty for Mother's Day on Sunday?  I cannot think of anything I would rather receive and visits home will mean you can steal a spritz or two until the favour is returned or you cave and treat yourself too.  It will bring joy all Summer long.



Monday 20 March 2017


It's official, Spring is here and I am so glad to see the back of those long dark nights.  This weekend I packed up my heavy coats and stored them away for the foreseeable future.  Granted, the weather is not quite reliable enough to go layer free, but I am definitely ready to embrace the lighter weight jacket.  

This Spring I am lusting after safari sands and military greens worn with cream, white and black.  This colour palette seems the perfect move on for the monochrome lover to branch out to.  Cuts are shrunken or oversized, waists are cinched and texture is key.  

My new obsession that I cannot leave the house without is this drawstring canvas jacket from dreamy online site ROMWE.  I'm rolling the sleeves and keeping it open due to my 38 week bump however I cannot wait to style it with a silky slip dress or faded band tee in a few weeks time.  If you haven't been on romwe.com hop over and take a look as it is filled with incredible fashion additions for Spring.  Also shop this perfect camo cover-up below for just £17.19 in the sale! Whoop!


Shoot location - Rye, Sussex


Friday 17 March 2017


The long awaited Beauty & the Beast movie has officially launched and I cannot wait to see the gorgeous Emma Watson giving new life to one of my childhood favourites.   In line with the launch beauty connoisseurs Latest in Beauty have launched a fabulous one off, limited edition beauty box filled with divine products!

There are actually two boxes - one for beauty one for beast - both of which come in stunning book styled boxes.  The ladies 'beauty' box contains several products that I have been wanting to try for some time and they don't disappoint.  The box costs just £20 and with a contents worth over £80 it is going to fly!

Some of my favourite items include Parisian classic Gatineau's Radiance Enhancing Gommage which I have very quickly become obsessed with.  This unique exfoliator transforms from a luxurious balm to a hydrating oil buffing away the top layer of the skin, clearing pores and refining skins texture to leave it hydrated and glowing.

Another product I cannot get enough of it the Burts Bees lipstick which is so moisturising you forget you're wearing it.  Packed with Moringa Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Vitamin E it gives a beautiful satin finish.

The Beauty Box also includes Soigne nail polish, L'Occitaine hand cream, Oribe dry shampoo, Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet (AMAZING!) and a beautiful rose compact mirror.  Why not treat yourself to this little haul before it disappears?  




Dainty, delicate jewellery isn't going anywhere and I'm already getting excited about layering the prettiest pieces with a simple white, cheesecloth dress and leather sandals all summer long.  If you haven't yet discovered Francesca Rossi's designs then know that they are a must have.  I am completely obsessed with her and have been living in these perfect mid-sized hoop earrings and this mini arrow necklace for weeks now.  

The collection is filled with forever pieces you will love and make for ideal gifts - including Mothers day if you haven't yet got that covered!  Why not treat yourself you a little pre-weekend pick-me-up? Shop the website and check out a few of my favourites below.


Shop Francesca Rossi Designs here


Thursday 16 March 2017


This is the season of customisation.  From patches to embroidery, embellishment to pom poms, everything from denim to heels is anything but minimal.  Gucci inspired us with their Spring Summer 2017 catwalk show featuring trousers with embroidered text and patch covered jackets.  I can't get enough of the array of denim and leather jackets featuring beautiful Spring details.  What better way to add interest to a simple look?  

For me it was also a great excuse to whip out my paint brushes and hunt down a vintage jacket to get stuck in to my own project.  I went for simple wild roses and my initials on the back of this cropped biker but irises, daisies or butterflies would also work brilliantly.  Use acrylic paint and set when completely dry using a leather paint finisher (I used Angelus Brand Acrylic Finisher - Satin Gloss from Amazon).  

If you want to go for something a little more simple there are some brilliant patches available to buy which can be easily added to a washed out denim jacket or boyfit jeans.  Stradivarius have some amazing ones here.  Let me know if you have been up to any customisation projects and have any tips!


Thursday 9 March 2017


When Hygge started hitting the headlines I was somewhat happy as it sounded far more chic than staying in and doing very little.  If you haven't come across this Danish phenomenon yet then let me explain a little.  Hygge (pronounced HUE-gah) is about enjoying life's little pleasures and tries to explain why the Danish are the happiest people in the world.  It covers a work/life balance, good food, enjoying family and friends and being happy staying in with a cosy blanket, a good book and a batch of candles.  

Denmark burns around six kilos of candle wax each year which shows the importance they put on them.  This is primarily due to the calming soft light that they give off.  For me however it is as much about the scent that fills a room as the glow.  A candle can give off a fresh zest or a relaxing calm.  If I don't have at least one scented candle on the go I would worry.

Hygge is a huge, fascinating subject that is well worth delving into a little more.  Here I will run though my top tips for creating a little of this relaxing calm at home and a few of my essentials.  


Candles are probably the most important aspect of Hygge and after I recently discovered British brand Wildheart Organics I would recommend them to everyone.  The range includes the most incredible handmade products that use delicious aromatherapy oils to create unique scents.  You just have to open the box to release the fragrance before you even light them.  This beautiful brand don't test on animals, ensure everything is recyclable and use a vegetarian wax.  Take a look at their stunning website.  I am also a little addicted to the brands diffusers that don't just fill my living room but my entire downstairs with a soft aroma.  Perfect when getting in after a long day.  


Cashmere is the most comforting fabric of all and my go to is the cashmere bed socks from The White Company.  It's like wearing kittens on your feet! They come in the prettiest colours and last brilliantly.  I am never without a pair.


I am forever drawing but whether you spend your time sketching like me, knitting or making pom poms, have a craft that you can enjoy in those hours at home.  Don't feel that you are wasting time, instead enjoy the calming effect of doing something very simple.  It will restore your sanity after a busy week.


It's so easy to spend your time reading work related documents and never switching off.  Keep a stash of books at home to inspire you.  For starters why not try this beautiful, fascinating little read by Meik Wiking called 'The little book of Hygge'.  It's filled with recipes, ideas, stunning photographs and information about getting a little Hygge into your life.


So simple yet so effective.  A cup of tea really does make everything ok.  Keep a selection of herbal teas and teabags at home including camomile for calm and peppermint for a refresh.  Let me know what your favourite teas are and where you stock up.


Perfect for Mothers Day - shop the website here


Wednesday 8 March 2017


Recently mornings are spent staring into my wardrobe aimlessly trying to work out what is actually wearable.  I estimate ninety percent of my clothes are currently out-of-action so choices are a little limited.  A mix of some good maternity basics and a few items from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe are getting my through.  Some items have had a serious revival including a selection of trench and duster coats, some shorter jackets, a batch of longline tees and my hats.  Having very little energy means I want to spend as little time as possible doing anything, including sorting my messy mane.  This camel felt trilby along with a few other shower proof beauties have become my daily go to.  If you are lacking energy or just want a break from the hair stylers this Spring then pick one up and wear it everywhere.  Shop my current favourites below.  36 weeks now so not long to go!


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