Wednesday 18 December 2019


Somewhere in the past three years I fell out of love with my life.  That sounds dramatic, it wasn’t, it was gradual and only in areas. However these areas mattered.  I had been commuting to the city for 15 years.  15 years of nearly 6 hours travelling a day. This used to be fine when I loved the city as much as my weekends on the coast, however I no longer loved London.  I had completely outgrown our relationship and not even realised.  I longed for time to breathe.

Initially when our love faded I fought it.  I had known what I wanted to do for two decades and worked hard to achieve it.  Work placements had replaced gap years and jobs had replaced weekends.  It sounds ridiculous to say it but I took pleasure in telling strangers what I did.  My career was a huge part of my identity.

In July I returned to London after seven months maternity leave with my second child, little Max.  One morning I took out my phone and worked out how many hours a year I spend travelling too and from work.  The calculator said 52 days.   I had been spending almost two months every year travelling too and from the office.  Something final hit me and that was it.  Something had to change.

Now it's December and I’ve broken up with London to focus on the things I love.  I’ve taken a job in the same industry but with a view of the sea and a salty taste in the air.  My commute is 29 minutes by comfy car and I will make story time EVERY night.  This isn’t the end either.  I’m breaking up with drama and those people who live for it.  I’m embracing wellness and working out what actually matters to me.  Beauty brands that are sustainable or look after our planet as well as being incredible are replacing my old products.  Buying less in general.  Telling people about what I do for a living will be replaced by telling people about my wild swimming, runs on the beach or the incredible books I just read.  I did what I loved for 15 years but people change and life should be aloud to change with you.
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