Wednesday, 14 November 2018

STYLE - A Blazer For Every Day

By the time you hit your thirties you tend to have developed a personal style.  I have a bit of a go-to uniform.  I definitely don't stick to it routinely, however I do naturally sway towards it when pulling a look together or on those days where I run out of time.  I probably spent it clearing toddler breakfast  off the floor.

I'm totally a blazer girl.  My wardrobe is bursting with far too many and I'll continue to buy them as they are a dam good purchase!  Blazers are easy to throw over a vintage silk shirt, a band tee or slip dress for that dressed-up-dressed-down look.  

Taking this into account you can understand my excitement when I came across this simple satin-look cape beauty.  It's black, naturally, with a bit of edge and makes Autumn layering easy.  At under £20 it's the best purchase I've made in a while.  You can even save a little extra 15% from me by using code then15 when you shop.  


Use code then15 for an extra 15% off too


Monday, 17 September 2018

STYLE - Texture & Print

Keeping my identity whilst pregnant has been so important for me.  Just because I'm 'with bump' it doesn't mean I want to start wearing mum-dresses.  That has meant mixing maternity basics with non-maternity pieces that work with my ever evolving shape.  With my first pregnancy I found this a little easier as it was over winter and you can't beat an oversized knit for comfort and style.  

Following a long, hot summer I've welcomed the arrival of the new season collections.  Autumn is my favourite time for fashion with layering, print and texture re-joining my wardrobe.  My first few purchases have included leopard print in the form of this sheer boxy blouse and this incredible tan teddy jacket.  Anything that's like wearing a duvet to leave the house is a hit with me and this is so cosy.  The cut of both of these pieces works brilliantly with even a large bump and can be styled with a pair of simple maternity jeans now and a leather mini-skirt once the baby has arrived.  Effortless, comfortable dressing that takes zero thinking through (perfect on no sleep).



Friday, 31 August 2018

BEAUTY - Facial Refresh

A few weeks back I'd really noticed that my skin was looking dull, tired and a bit old.  Wrinkles were starting to show more and my under eyes were looking sunken.  I'm sure it's due to being pregnant and dehydrated most of the time.  The world seemed to have their summer glow on and avoiding the heat has left me looking rather ghost like in comparison.  A serious zap of facial energy was needed badly.  

I decided to try a few products and change up my skincare regime a bit.  I switched my daily moisturiser, added a decent SPF and routinely applied a sleep mask all from the French skincare brand IOMA.  I'd not tried anything from them before so it was all new to me.  After just one use of the Vitality Sleeping Mask I was hooked.  It's light like a gel moisturiser and you just put it on slightly thicker than a moisturiser before going to bed - it couldn't take less effort.  It rests and moisturises the skin leaving it looking plump and radiant in the morning.  It literally left my face glowing.  It smells incredibly fresh and is wonderfully cooling which is perfect to de-stress after a long day.  My skin is very sensitive at the moment and this is so soothing.  I'm using it most nights directly onto cleansed skin.

Come morning I just cleanse as normal.  The mask soaks in so quickly that it doesn't leave any residue that needs removing.  I then use a few pumps of IOMA's Youthful Moisture Cream which is also from their Energize range.  The cream is again almost gel like feeling fresh and hydrating upon application.  It soaks in quickly making it easy to apply make-up shortly afterwards.  My skin looks visibly plumper and stays glowing throughout the day.  To care for my skin I started using the Cell Protector which contains an SPF 50 and protects against UVA, UVA and environmental stress. Unlike suncreams it isn't greasy and leaves a smooth finish like a primer so I just pop it on over my moisturiser.  

I like to use products for a good amount of time before telling you about them but after two weeks I can't believe the difference they have made to my skin with very little effort.  The Mask feels like such a treat - like having a facial before bed every night.  For any of you wanting to try out IOMA' s lovely skincare use my special 20% off discount code thenudestylist20 on the site.*.  If you give them a go let me know your thoughts.


Use code thenudestylist20 for 20% off online

* Code provides 20% off everything except discounted products or current special offers.
Valid until 31/12/2018.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

SHOPPING - The Best Is Yet To Come

This Summer!  Am I right?

Apparently it has just overtaken that famous Summer of 76 (which of course I don't remember) as the hottest, longest on record.  After months of wearing this seasons wardrobe I am longing for a few updates and guess what?  The best of the season is now on Sale! Whoop.  Here are my current must have items to freshen up your wardrobe for the months to come.  Let me know if you have found any bargains out there.



Friday, 6 July 2018

BEAUTY - Fresh Faced

English Summertime has finally arrived and the city is heating up. I can't stand to put on anything more than a floaty dress and sandals to leave the house and the Tube is almost unbearable. Beauty wise I'm lusting after fresh scents and refreshing, zesty products. It's all about great skincare rather than layering up make-up.

I've found myself asking a lot from my products this summer.  For my face I want hydration, an energy boost to wake me up and a decent SPF. Well I only went and found the dream didn't I? 

You may have read about Origins GinZing SPF 40 Energy Boosting Tinted Moistuiser in the press recently? I always aproach these 'promise all' products with an certain amount of caution. Too many times have I found a caking BB cream. Well I was really impressed! In fact I was so impressed that I've (temporally) ditched my trusty Mac Studio and am using this baby exclusively.

This Tinted Moistuiser isn't the cheapest on the market (£30 for 50ml) but comes in a decent size tube and you don't need much. On a cleansed face I use a serum and moisturiser as my skin is currently on the dry side. You may find you don't need the moisturiser at all. I apply Origins TM all over my face. It's a hydrating, easy to apply consistency with a divine zesty scent. The coffee beans and Panax Ginseng instantly boost moisture and energy levels leaving you ready to face the day. The tint is enough that I don't need anything else except the odd dab of concealer on any bad blemishes and having SPF 40 means no sun cream is needed. It really is the speediest way to a fresh face and lasts well throughout the day - even on a hot tube.

I'm so impressed with the product I'm looking to try more from Origins collection. Do you have any gems you've tried? If so let me in on your secrets.



Tuesday, 3 July 2018

BEAUTY - Ditch Those Nasties

It's been a long time since I was loyal to a haircare brand.  I'm forever trying different products, most of which I never mention due to being a little average.  I had seen a few reviews from L'Oreal's sponsored bloggers and thought the Botanicals range looked promising.  Without any high expectations I purchased a selection from the range from the Boots site and awaited my delivery.

A few days later my Boots box arrived filled with the Lavender Soothing Therapy Shampoo, Camelina Smooth Rituals Conditioning Balm and the Camelina Masque.  I've been suffering with dry straw-like hair, split ends and a slightly dry scalp so I thought this selection might just help a little.  

First impressions were the pump shampoo bottle was a great idea and made it very easy to get the right amount whilst feeling quite Salon-like.  Initially I wasn't wild on the scents.  They weren't bad however usually I go for something a little fresh and fruity.  The products are natural so the shampoo smells of Lavender as you'd expect.  I have now grown to rather love the smell and it definitely hasn't put me off.

The Botanicals range is free of silicones, parabens and colorants.  The products are Vegan (although L'Oreal itself does test on animals in some counties so if you are Vegan you may want to do a little more research - this isn't my strong point).   Botanicals uses finer ingredients from natural origins and more sustainable processes.  The lack of added ingredients really has transformed my hair making it softer and stronger with less breakage.  I use the Masque once a week which keeps my hair super soft and apart from the above am just using a heat protection spray before blowdrying and styling.

I've just been over to the Boots website and the Botanicals range is included in their 3 for 2 offer so I'm stocking up!  I've added the links to what I used below.  If you give them a go don't forget to let me know your thoughts.


Friday, 29 June 2018

STYLE - Summer Lovin'

I am currently completely obsessed with summer cover-ups and this beautiful jade green kimono is winning.  It's majestic cream and red floral print and dark piping makes it look far more expensive than it is at under £25!  I'm throwing it over neutral jeans and slip dresses daily whether at work or a weekend picnic.  When the weather heats up during the day this beautiful piece is so lightweight I fold it up into my handbag.  A kimono style duster coat is also a dream for streamlining a rather large bump!

I've added this beauty and an edit of my favourites from online boutique SHEIN below for you to take a look at.  Let me know which cover-up's you are loving this Summer.


Caloco Print Long Kimono - £23.99

Botanical Print Kimono - £22.99

Lace Embroidery Kimono - £13.99

Monday, 21 May 2018

FASHION - Summer Layering

This ever-changing weather leaves me struggling with what to wear.  Cooler mornings turn into warm afternoons and the only solution seems to be layering.  Lightweight knitwear and sweaters are ideal for throwing on over cotton shirts and camisoles to avoid feeling the morning chill.  Pretty pastel colours and feminine details give them a romantic, etherial feel that work perfectly for these early Summer days.


Shop a few more of my summer knitwear favourites below:


Friday, 18 May 2018

BEAUTY - My weekend make-up routine

I used to love spending my mornings dabbling with products before work.  Taking time to layer up  until I looked adequately groomed was a joy.  Then the baby arrived and mornings disappeared in a muddle of nappy changes and cereal fights.  Since then speed has become a priority and I have refined what was my simple weekend make-up regime to use for every day.  I can look fresh faced in under five minutes. 

This speedy masterclass is due to a few products that really do what they say on the tin and I've been wanting to fill you in on them for a while now.  Here are the products I couldn't live without and my tips and tricks for a stress free make-up morning.


Keeping a small make-up bag in a room that I can occupy baby in is simple but makes all the difference.  It takes twice as long when she is pulling products off my dressing table and I'm having to watch what she is up to.

A hydrated face is key before beginning.  Following a swift cleanse and a dap of serum and moisturiser (see what I'm currently using here ) I use a pea sized amount of this life changing studio face and body foundation by Mac.  This lightweight, buildable colour feels hydrating, cooling and smells amazing.  I apply with a foundation brush and it glides on with no streaks and minimal blending needed.  For a natural look just apply thinly or in selected areas or layer up for a more 'done' look.  It lasts ALL day and I never feel the need to top up.  I'm using shade N2.

For those days when the eye bags are taking over I use my Kiko Colour Correct palette to touch up blemishes.  The smooth texture glides on with no caking.  Find it here.  Kiko's Flawless Fusion bronzing powder in 01 is my go-to for a little holiday glow.  I re-buy this product time and again.


My brows are so fair that a brow pencil is essential.  Benefit's Goof Proof is idiot proof as its angled head makes it super easy to apply.  The waxy formula doesn't budge so you can swipe and forget about it. The built in brow brush means it's the only item you need to rummage around for.  

I used to be an eye liner fiend but recently I'm preferring the more natural effect of using a cream eye shadow.  Glossier's Lidstar in cub and Shiseido's cream eye colours are alternated for a pretty, burnt pink/copper colouring.  A flick of black mascara and I'm done.


Nuxe honey lip balm hydrates lips all day so I always apply morning and night.  I'll pop a lipstick in my bag to apply en-route.  Which is my favourite lipstick?  This changes daily!



Thursday, 10 May 2018

BEAUTY - Fresh faced beauty buys

The arrival of warmer days always reminds me of waking up from hibernation.  No more mornings stumbling around in the dark or trying to wake up with the use of gallons of coffee.  The sun is up and the day has that smell of excitement.  

Instead of avoiding that tedious weekly morning ritual for as long as possible I'm up and dressed in a matter of minutes.  A quick shower and into some form of lightweight dress and I'm done.

As the days warm up skincare quickly takes over from make-up for me.  I've always been a lover of that fresh faced, low maintenance Parisian look rather than a full perfect face.  A good cleanse and moisturise is important all year round, however if you're only planning a sun kissed glow with a dash of mascara it's even more important to find those perfect products.  

I'm a strong believer in a skincare routine not being a hassle and as you get older you discover those forever products that you stock up on time and again.  Several of my go to's have always been from French beauty brand Caudalie.  I have lost track of how many people I have recommended their Beauty Elixir to, always with glowing reviews following.  I have a mini in my handbag at all time.  However there were lots of the brands products that I hadn't tried and until recently were kind of tricky to get hold of.  

Then gorgeous luxury beauty box brand Latest in Beauty launched a huge selection of their products to pop into your build your own boxes!  Fantastic.  Over the past few weeks I've been only using Caudalie for my skincare routine and my face has never looked or smelt so good.

I didn't try anything that I didn't fall in love with.  This is so unusual with a beauty brand who usually have one or two hero products.  Every product smelt divine.  I tried three of their cleansing products which can be mixed together or used alone to remove grime and dirt.  One of my favourite items which I definitely didn't expect to love as much as I did was the Foaming Cleanser.  I ended up keeping this in the shower and a pump or two of this in the morning is so refreshing.  They have a cleanser for everyone with a great micellar water and lightweight hydrating cleansing oil.  You can't beat a micellar water for a speedy routine after a long day.

The other products I fell in love with are the Vine Activ glow activating serum and moisturiser.  I've been feeling under the weather for some time now and this has been reflected in my skin.  These products have plumped and bought life back to my skin.  I am stocking up!

If you haven't come across Latest in Beauty's stunning treats then hop over to their pretty site.  You  choose exactly what you want to try in your box from an inspiring edit of the best beauty products around including from Caudalie.  What better way to test out these skin saviours?



STYLE - Woven wonders

I'm excited to channel my inner Parisian this summer embracing both style and comfort with the shoe of the season, the espadrille.  They have been bubbling away in the background for a couple of years and have now arrived on every High Street.  I'm not sure there is anything this staple doesn't work with but I'm especially loving them paired with a wrap dress or straight-leg jeans.  Comfy enough to wear all day running around after a toddler or racing to the office.  I've just purchased a classic black pair but think I need a colour pop too!  Do I go for the pastel blue Topshop or the yellow Castaner?  Shop my favourites edit below all for under £105.

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