Monday 17 September 2018

STYLE - Texture & Print

Keeping my identity whilst pregnant has been so important for me.  Just because I'm 'with bump' it doesn't mean I want to start wearing mum-dresses.  That has meant mixing maternity basics with non-maternity pieces that work with my ever evolving shape.  With my first pregnancy I found this a little easier as it was over winter and you can't beat an oversized knit for comfort and style.  

Following a long, hot summer I've welcomed the arrival of the new season collections.  Autumn is my favourite time for fashion with layering, print and texture re-joining my wardrobe.  My first few purchases have included leopard print in the form of this sheer boxy blouse and this incredible tan teddy jacket.  Anything that's like wearing a duvet to leave the house is a hit with me and this is so cosy.  The cut of both of these pieces works brilliantly with even a large bump and can be styled with a pair of simple maternity jeans now and a leather mini-skirt once the baby has arrived.  Effortless, comfortable dressing that takes zero thinking through (perfect on no sleep).



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