Thursday 30 May 2013

Let me tell you a shirt story.

Who doesn't spend their life hunting for the perfect white shirt?  Well this season their are some that come pretty close.  Wear it done up, and pair it with a simple blazer and perfect printed slim leg trousers. Here are a few of my favourites:


Once upon a time...

My rather long commute to London for work (and play) is due to the fact that I live in a rather beautiful part of the world.  My weekends tend to be filled with a mixture of long country walks and very long pub lunches.  On a walk recently I took a few photos for you.  It was still very much spring time, and a little bit fresh.  These huge trees completely blow me away every time I wander past them and the deserted science centre is rather beautiful, if a little bit erie.  Just a small insight into my double life xx


Monday 20 May 2013


Metallics are the perfect way to finish an outfit this summer! Shoes by Kurt Geiger, clutch by H&M.

In the nude

One of the coolest beauty trends of the summer is super natural. Barely there make-up with a touch of delicate mascara, bushy eyebrows and a simple candy lip is a stunning and easy look.  Essential for this look? Great skin.

Well, if you have been keeping up to date with my beauty posts, this is the biggie! I have been using these simple, fresh, wonderfully scented products for over two months now and I am never going back. New brand 'Nude' focuses on making your skin fix itself.  The products in this natural range stimulate cellular energy to get the skin to produce its own anti ageing ingredients and anti oxidants. 

I am completely in love with the super soft perfect cleansing oil £28 which unlike other oils, foams when put with water.  It is light and delicate and removes all traces of make up.  When washed off it leaves skin very soft. I will use this day and night for ever and ever.

Next are two fantastic moisturisers.  I love both, and will use the radiant day moisturiser £46 in the summer as it is light weight and gentle and the thicker, creamier replenish daily moisturiser £46 in the winter, or when skin needs a bit more.

To finish off, and for blemish skin forever, use their ProGenius treatment oil £58.  As with all the Nude products a little goes a long way.  Use a few drops to feed your skin with omega oils.  I seriously found I had a better skin tone and fewer blemishes is under a week.  

It's not often you find products this good, that look after your skin.  I just hope Nude move on to body care and make-up too!

Also available at John Lewis.

Check out to shop for your face or find out more.

Action Man

No, I'm not a menswear blogger, but I do like nice things, and this includes 'him' looking nice too.  Menswear's hard. Nothing too fancy or 'fashion' please. Simple and chic is definitely best. Great pieces that can be thrown on in almost any order. No Hawaiian shirts or skinny jeans. What a shame men don't still wear 3 piece suits and hats at all times hey? Mine seems to be happy for me to style him, as long as I avoid certain 'trends' - in fact avoid anything that could be classed as a trend.  The summer staple is a great Polo shirt. When you find a good one buy a few colours.  Cheap ones are, on the whole, false economy. I have found cheap menswear's worse than cheap womenswear. You don't have to go mad, but a £10 polo shirt is going to look like a £10 polo shirt, and after one wash he will have added it to his garage rags.  If he is tall it gets worse. To save money cheap clothes are made with less fabric - this means items will be shorter and crop tops may be in, but not on men.  Try getting him a few basics that last.  A decent polo should do a few seasons.  White usually does one season white - then they go grey.  God knows what they do to them? Stone Island do some great simple pieces in a nice quality.  A couple of these should sort him out, x

Polo shirt - From £67.50 Stone Island Via Repertoire Fashion


Wednesday 15 May 2013

Its not just perfect Autumn Winter Clothing...

Well two things are for sure... Plum is huge for AW13, and M&S is well and truly back as the best of the best. The Marks and Spencer's Press Event quite literally blew me away. There were far too many must haves and not nearly enough time to mention them all. My absolute, cannot live withouts are mainly from their punk look and include the pink and black fur bag, the plum pony wedge heels and every coat in the room! Check out the cream coat and burgundy jacket above. Also I may not survive without the red soft leather jacket.

I am currently a huge fan of their new beauty department (even today I picked up a gorgeous hand cream and super gloss - will show you soon). I can't walk past a store without picking up a few pieces from their great brand selection. It looks like shortly the same will apply to their fashion. And while you're in pick up some rhubarb crumble cookies... they're M&S cookies after all.



Tuesday 14 May 2013

Kurt Geiger

Just how gorgeous is this Navy Blue and Black pony-skin rucksack by Kurt Geiger. Part of their Autumn 2013 collection that I can't wait to get my paws on.

Kurt Geiger

Just how gorgeous is this Navy Blue and Black pony-skin rucksack by Kurt Geiger. Part of their Autumn 2013 collection that I can't wait to get my paws on.

Sunshine on a Rainy day



How fabulous are London's Harvey Nichols menswear windows right now? May have to reach for a paint can and some Prada.


Monday 13 May 2013

Return of the Mac

Sometimes you see a Brands new season collection and love it. Sometimes you see a Brands new season collection and die! I died and went to fashion heaven several times during the Michael Kors AW13 press event. They re-invented sportswear like never before. Seam taped snow jackets with fur hoods in bright cobalt and yellow filled the room. Leather camo tees and perforated heels stood alongside perfect totes and huge watches. It was exciting and wearable. My go-to piece was the black oversized car coat in felt-like wool with a bright blue fur back. Great work Michael... I'm waiting for it to drop xx


Friday 3 May 2013



However fabulous your job, Mondays are always a struggle.  It is generally enough trouble at the beginning of the week to get to the office fully dressed and with a coffee the size of your head in your hand.  Mondays are casual days. This week Monday was sunny yet fresh.  The perfect comfort outfit consisted of my H and M super soft boy fit jeans, Topshop boots and my Burberry fur Parker.  I could almost pretend I was wearing pyjamas on the way to work! Xx

Thursday 2 May 2013

Indigo blue under a wicked red moon

 Festival time is fast approaching, and it's no longer about throwing on field suitable clothing.  Nope, when the mud is high and the showers are scarce it's time to grab the best in designer just-thrown-on gear.  This summer is about an embellished Balmain crop top or Marant prairie blouse paired with the perfect rolled acid wash denim and some fringed ankle boots - heeled of course.  Grab the perfect jeans for style and fit from Paige. Paige was started by a fit model, and guess what? They fit! Beautiful styles straight from LA to suit all shapes and sizes - well you need comfort when crowd surfing! 

My favourite styles from their SS collection are the Emily Skinny in monochrome (exclusive to Trilogy), and cloud print both £210 - you ma never need another pair again.

Check out for more beautiful colours.

Kors you're the best

Just a tiny taster from the AW13 Michael Kors press show. I can't wait to show you even more from the collection x


Wednesday 1 May 2013

You're not so smart

This week I am running on empty - excited empty, but still empty.  This results in the need for some more casual, thrown together outfits with some of my favourite basics. When my life is in High St fashion mode and Blogger mode I have little time to enjoy the little luxuries, like browsing my wardrobe rails with a fresh coffee in the morning. Instead mornings consist of a quick shower with some philosophy shower gel , a nice cleanse with Nude beauty products (to come soon... Amazing!) and throwing on a speed outfit. My speed outfit maths is as follows - add one weather suitable basic (today my Zara leather skinnys) and to this add one fun fashion piece (this ss13 Topshop jacket has been in my wardrobe a while, collected at an office sample sale for a few pounds - perks hey).  To this combo I add either shoes I love, or shoes that suit the day (today some sports mesh Topshop Trainers, tomorrow may be a pair of Wangs). Finish off with a messy do, my M Kors watch and some Dior lippy... Done. That's a speed outfit. 

Chilling on a railing school style after the River Island Press Event.
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