Wednesday 9 August 2017


This won't be my last article on baby beauty products I'm sure.  When you spend your time caring for someone with such delicate skin you really want the best for them.  

There are so many unique brands out there and selecting the right lotions and potions can be a complete minefield.  I tend to steer towards natural and organic products and after coming across the dreamy website Naturisimo I felt like I had struck Gold.  I was hunting for a yummy baby oil that wasn't by that well known brand and would be gentle on Camille's skin and storksak organics looked perfect.  I ordered their oil and a baby wash which turned up quickly and were in pretty packaging which is always a bonus.  The products are 99% natural and very gentle - ideal for new baby skin.  Both items have a delicious light scent of pear and camomile which is a nice change from the usual unscented products I've been using. The baby oil is also brilliant on my skin and I slather myself in it when I'm freshly out of the shower. Anything that is quick, effective and works for both of us is a winner in my eyes!


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