Saturday 29 December 2012

Skin Rescue for Chilly January

Christmas is a time of indulgence.  Too much Wine, too much pudding and in my case too much cheese.  Last year January hit and my skin went into panic mode. It was cold, very cold, and my skin was dry and blotchy for what felt like months.  This year I decided to save my skin and help out anyone else with the same problems.  Skin care products are everywhere and it can be confusing and expensive trying to find those miracle cures.  I have tried hundreds, and some stand out above all the rest.  Over the next few weeks I will update you on those fabulous products that you almost want to be kept secret!

Firstly my skin.  Obviously everyones is different.  Mine is pale, normal to dry, fine in summer, dryer in winter.  I get the odd blemish, but on the whole it looks ok.  How it feels is another matter though.  Some moisturizers just aren't enough and still leave it dry to touch.  If your skin is similar then I would seriously give these products a go...

Firstly, one of the winners.  Elemental Herbology is a Luxury beauty brand that focuses on balancing natural unique and powerful ingredients to produce their amazing collections.  I tried the Moisture Replenish Cell Pumping Moisturizer and am now hooked.  It is one of the best everyday moisturizers I have tried - ever.  It is light to put on but very moisturizing. It smells divine, even commented on by my boyfriend who rarely notices anything like this.  I used it a few times as a mask, putting it on thickly and within 20 minutes it had fully soaked in.  it has SPF 8 and really plumps up your skin, making a lovely base to add foundation or a tinted moisturizer.  It is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 to help repare and hydrate the skin - and it does!  The 50ml jar is available from the lovely site and retails at £42.  It is worth every penny.

The second product which is a January Skin Treat is the Purify and Soothe Facial Cleanser.  This is a soft, almost wax like product that you rub between your fingers for a few seconds and then massage warm on to the face and rinse off.  It leaves my skin so soft, like i have been washing in the finest honey, but doesn't irritate at all.  Some of these products can be too rich, but this is so light and creamy.  I have been using ever few days and it has given me baby soft skin.  This retails at £28.

This is a brand that previously I hadn't heard much about and now it is in my Must Haves.  I cant wait to try other products by the Brand, including the delicious looking body washes and moisturizers.  I hope you enjoy them too xx

Check out the Elemental Herbology website now at


Wednesday 19 December 2012


Just how perfect is this Religion dress from Asos?  Im planning to wear mine now with black tights and chunky boots and then in the warmer spring days with bare legs and lots of jewelry.  Best thing?  Its now in the sale for only £31.


Thursday 13 December 2012

Road Trip

This week has pretty much consisted of frost, lows of minus five degrees, highs of two degrees, de-icing the car, my earmuffs,  de-icing the car about one hundred more times, and wishing I was on holiday.

And then this came through my door!

The Scent Of Departure are a line of exquisite fragrances that bring back the smells of distant trips to Dubai, New York, Paris, Tokyo and more.  My NYC smells of walking through New York City on a summers day.  It smells fresh and crisp with lilac and rose from Central Park and sparkling apple from the breeze across the harbor.

I am completely in love with everything about these perfumes.  The Idea, the ticket packaging, the dreamy smells that make British Winter so much more exciting!

Check out the collection at and treat yourself to a weekend away for only £40.00.  I'm planning Miami and Los Angeles next.  Lovely xx


Thursday 6 December 2012

Soft and Spikey

Nothing beats a huge oversized super soft fluffy knit paired with studs and spikes.  Above are a few of my favorite looks I have been stealing and pinning on my dashboard recently.  The best way to start this killer look?  Just ask Santa for these heavenly yet killer Pom Pom heels by Alexander McQueen available now at and here.


Bring me some sparkle this christmas

Just how beautiful is this Shourouk Baraka flower bracelet from  So delicate and sporty with clusters of Swarovski crystals all tied together with the palest pink baby cord.  I am in love.  Get it in several colours here for £158.


Wednesday 5 December 2012

The scull obsession grows

Yes, I do have a scull obsession.  And yes, this Scull charm bracelet by Aamaya by Priyanka on may be just want what I need to cure it.  Surely its worth a try?  Stunning.


My oh my Myla

Only a quick pit stop on a manic day, but possibly the prettiest press show of all time.  What better than champagne, macaroons and rails of silk and lace in plums, nudes and the coolest lime.  Myla is one of my favorite brands, and I'm not just talking underwear here.  The cold icy London city just made the cosy Spring press room even better.  I could have taken everything away with me there and then.  I have been eyeing up the current collection on including the must have Elvie collection in dusk and black and the 'perfect for christmas' Devon collection is lipstick and gold.  For spring the introduction of more of the classics and more exquisite colours has me drooling!  


the nude stylist loving nude

My favorite colour scheme of all time.  It doesnt matter what season it is, nude is always in fashion.  I am loving these dresses from Topshop and Acne at Matches Fashion.  The clutch is Louboutin and only made better by the spikes.  Love.


Berry at boohoo

Oh boohoo is just too good at the moment.  Think child in candy store!  I simply cannot live without these perfect winter  berry pieces.  Perfect to wear day to night over winter.  I especially cannot get enough of these skirts to throw on with a chunky knit and black boots.


Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring...

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Its like I never grow out of the fairy lights, candy canes and singing 'santa baby' at the top of my voice.  One of my favorite stores to stock up on perfect gifts is  Here is my best of the best gift selection for the fashionable loved ones in your life...


Just put me on top of the tree in this dress

Gothic and Christmas is the perfect collaboration and this dress by Boohoo is perfect for channelling this look whist still looking party chic.  I am eyeing up the navy version to wear with a studded tweed blazer, embelished choker and chunky black ankle boots.  Get yours now for only £30 at here.


Department store bliss

Last week I was kindly invited along to the Debenhams Spring Summer 2013 Press event to check out the new collections that will be launching in the department store wonderland in a few months time.  The product selection was huge and I fell in love with the gold, pink and nude gems including Faith heels and the Guess watches.  After eyeing up the best bits from the collections, and the Designers at Debenhams range I got my nails done at the Nails Inc bar with the awesome new Leather look polishes that come with scull nail studs!  Lovely event filled with fizz and beautiful fashion.

Until this launches, check out these perfect Christmas pieces available at


Frost and Ice

This morning I woke up to snow and ice everywhere.  My first reaction was brr, too cold.  I then realized for the first time in ages that there were colours everywhere.  The snow and sun were creating rainbows of pastel colours all over the south downs.  Pastels are not just for spring!  These are a few of my favorite pieces available to buy now and give that fresh, snow queen feel for winter, and then will carry on into spring.  beautiful.


Saturday 1 December 2012

Warhol, Neon, Studs and Tweed

The New Look Spring Summer Press event was a delight to visit.  There really is very little better than sipping fizz whilst checking out the High St favorite's girly meets punk collections.  The Spring range is full of neon tweed dresses with studded belts, monochrome clear acrylic wedge heels and Lim style Pop Art bags.  I am craving colour already and it's not even Christmas!  I loved the Isabel Marant inspired range filled with cowboy blouses and 90s spaghetti strap denim shift dresses. What a great range... roll on Spring.

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