Sunday 26 May 2019

MOTHERHOOD - Inside My Baby Bag

In partnership with babybundle and the Beau Caris bag

I fell pregnant almost three years ago and since then our family has grown from two to four.  Not bad going hey?  That means a huge bag has been an essential for the past one thousand days or so. My baby bag is always by my door ready to grab and go at a moments notice.  That has meant that instead of updating my handbag collection, it's my baby bag stash that's grown.  

Pink, grey, black, leather, faux leather, backpack, weekend, travel bag... I've pretty much tried them all.  However only a small edit get used month after month.

Before you have children and you're using your essential carrier day in, day out, you only really care about how it looks.  Once that bundle of joy is in your arms so many more things become essential.  For me my Beau Caris bag ticks every box so I thought it only fair to pass on what's really needed in a baby bag:

  • It's pretty and looks chic with everything. The gold hardware and black faux leather are minimal and luxurious.
  • Faux leather you say?  Yes it looks almost real with the huge advantages of being amazingly lightweight and wipe clean.  No stains or marks.
  • It's big, without looking like you're going on a mini break weekend.
  • Did I mention that it's light?  After you've packed wipes, nappies, creams, toys and the kitchen sink you'll realise that bag weight matters.
  • The entire organiser is fully removable in a second and can be put into any other bag (such as the in-laws) or taken for bath time or up to bed.  It's literally amazing.  I pop it into my favourite French basket regularly and don't have to repack anything. Best design ever.
  • It even comes with a long shoulder strap for when you decide to let the toddler walk and you need a minimum of two free hands.

As well as the bag you get pretty good at knowing what to pack and it has to be a mix of products that bring joy and have purpose.  Sister & Co's Dream Cream is the ultimate mother and baby balm for  everything from lips to bottoms.  It smells delicious and saves packing several products that only do one job.

Scent is so important as a mood lifter and to make you feel like you still. I always carry a small Jo Malone fragrance in my bag to spritz throughout the day.  Mornings are so manic that I never remember to put perfume on and then worry I smell of babies and milky vomit.  Not great!

Muslin cloths don't come better than Aden and Anais and I must have a hundred of the things.  They get softer and softer, wash brilliantly and can be used as tents, picnic blankets, summer bedding and to keep your life clean.  I love the huge swaddle size and always have one in my bag ready.

Let me in on your baby bag essentials and what I should fill my Caris with for the Summer.


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