Thursday 25 June 2015



The Summer Sales are rather bazar timing wise. Trust me, I know how fashion's seasons are up the spout. I have spent many years designing Christmas windows in the hottest months of the year and planning schemes so far ahead it feels ridiculous. However here in England we get to shop the Sales before Summer has really even landed. It's not set in stone, we have had years where it has rained for months on end. Usually though our long hot days fall from July to September and sometimes even longer. So what a great time to buy a pair of sandals, and with hefty reductions. I am in love with anything chunky and black and these furry Senso ones via Atterley are perfect. Add a pretty shift dress in any colour and a long strap mini-bag and you're good to go.


Senso Sandals were £129 NOW £64



Monday 22 June 2015


On a hot yet blustery summers day I simply adore living by the sea. The thought of my busy week days in London disappear and are replaced by a calm serenity. From above Birling Gap, one of my favourite coastal spots, you have views out to sea filled with white cliffs and the lighthouse. The hills of the South Downs roll right into the blue waters. I highly recommend a trip via Beachy Head if you have never visited.
It is now very much shorts weather and this leather pair are perfect with a simple tee and a brightly printed bomber jacket. I seem to never remove my summer accessories of these Robo Cop style & other stories sunglasses and my men's Timex watch.
As we have now reached full English Summer let the days be long and warm.




Thursday 11 June 2015


The end of a long glowing summer and promise of dark windswept nights would leave me packing up my belongings and re-locating to far warmer climates if it wasn't for one thing: Winter Fashion. The largest chunkiest knits, the softest leathers, the layers and layers of black. I start dreaming of these dark seductive-meets-masculine looks from around June. Always have.


I still recall the babysitting days. I was in the earliest of teenage years when I would spend long summer holidays hosting craft lessons with my parents friends children. Necklace making. Fabric printing. I never really liked children if I'm completely honest. However the nights were spent in spare rooms filled with decades of old Vogue magazines. It was heaven. I would turn the pages slowly, absorbing every look, every item. Every now and then in the depths of a magazine basket you would fine a September Issue. Even at that age I knew this was something special. The size and weight of these copies was incredible. Filled with styling I could only dream of.


I still feel the same rush of excitement and lust for Autumn. Vogue is still on the agenda, but now so is Fashion Week, Press Days and a selection of my favourite blogs and websites. I try not to bore you with too many Press Day photos. They get around a lot and whether it's the lighting or the fact I'm usually too busy stroking the products, I never find the photos very good. However as this years Debenhams event was so very beautiful and gave me a shopping list as long as my arm I thought I would share just a few.






Wednesday 10 June 2015


On the whole I wear, style and consume monochrome. I consider a grey oversized sweat or a navy double breasted blazer as my colour hits. White is, in my opinion, the brightest highlighter any outfit can get. However when it comes to footwear I am up for negotiations.
Sophia Webster is my biggest anti-mono crush. Her bright, happy heels sit shining among bookcases of chunky black Burberrys and Khaki Alex Wangs. I recently lovingly adopted two pairs that mainly make an appearance on a dreaded Monday or exhausted Friday. Somehow it's almost impossible to be miserable whilst wearing lilac clouds on your feet and strutting around on a heart shaped heel.
Websters, and other 'Fun' footwear styles, are a fashion lovers dream and most women I know can't get enough of them. However men do not feel the same. When I came home with my first pair my Husband said they looked like something from a fancy dress shop. I was heart broken. A staff member later commented saying it looked like I had fallen in Pick 'n' mix. And that is in the visual department of a shoe brand. What must the rest of the male species think of them. However I quickly realised, I don't care. Not even a little bit. I am not someone that dresses for men. I dress for myself and I dress for women. When I pop on my striped neon sling-backs or these soft leather cloud mules I am as happy as a child in the Disney store.





Sunday 7 June 2015


I quite often spend an early weekend morning hiding away in my favourite room in the house.  This light, airy study is on the top floor and the large windows allow the Sea air and bright summer light in perfectly.  My current weekend looks usually include a floaty white blouse, structured mini skirt and silver jewellery.  These simple tan leather sandals are just delicious and go with everything.

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