Thursday 11 June 2015


The end of a long glowing summer and promise of dark windswept nights would leave me packing up my belongings and re-locating to far warmer climates if it wasn't for one thing: Winter Fashion. The largest chunkiest knits, the softest leathers, the layers and layers of black. I start dreaming of these dark seductive-meets-masculine looks from around June. Always have.


I still recall the babysitting days. I was in the earliest of teenage years when I would spend long summer holidays hosting craft lessons with my parents friends children. Necklace making. Fabric printing. I never really liked children if I'm completely honest. However the nights were spent in spare rooms filled with decades of old Vogue magazines. It was heaven. I would turn the pages slowly, absorbing every look, every item. Every now and then in the depths of a magazine basket you would fine a September Issue. Even at that age I knew this was something special. The size and weight of these copies was incredible. Filled with styling I could only dream of.


I still feel the same rush of excitement and lust for Autumn. Vogue is still on the agenda, but now so is Fashion Week, Press Days and a selection of my favourite blogs and websites. I try not to bore you with too many Press Day photos. They get around a lot and whether it's the lighting or the fact I'm usually too busy stroking the products, I never find the photos very good. However as this years Debenhams event was so very beautiful and gave me a shopping list as long as my arm I thought I would share just a few.






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