Wednesday 10 June 2015


On the whole I wear, style and consume monochrome. I consider a grey oversized sweat or a navy double breasted blazer as my colour hits. White is, in my opinion, the brightest highlighter any outfit can get. However when it comes to footwear I am up for negotiations.
Sophia Webster is my biggest anti-mono crush. Her bright, happy heels sit shining among bookcases of chunky black Burberrys and Khaki Alex Wangs. I recently lovingly adopted two pairs that mainly make an appearance on a dreaded Monday or exhausted Friday. Somehow it's almost impossible to be miserable whilst wearing lilac clouds on your feet and strutting around on a heart shaped heel.
Websters, and other 'Fun' footwear styles, are a fashion lovers dream and most women I know can't get enough of them. However men do not feel the same. When I came home with my first pair my Husband said they looked like something from a fancy dress shop. I was heart broken. A staff member later commented saying it looked like I had fallen in Pick 'n' mix. And that is in the visual department of a shoe brand. What must the rest of the male species think of them. However I quickly realised, I don't care. Not even a little bit. I am not someone that dresses for men. I dress for myself and I dress for women. When I pop on my striped neon sling-backs or these soft leather cloud mules I am as happy as a child in the Disney store.





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