Sunday, 9 August 2015


Today was one of those seriously sun-drenched days where from the moment you get up the world is covered in a honey glow.  The scorching rays seem to reach every crevice and every keyhole.  The country roads are quiet and dust filled with a haze that gives the constant feeling that you're dreaming.  This quiet car garage is tucked out of sight down a small side road and today the Mediterranean blue doors popped more than ever.  

Dark 70s style maxi-dresses are still filling the Sale rails on the High St and are, in my opinion, your ultimate August purchase.  For the rest of the long, hot summer wear with leather sandals and emulate the effortless Chloe girl.  When the seasons change switch to black ankle boots, tights, a wide leather belt and a fur coat for the most up-to-date and easy Autumn look.  

Dress by Zara / Sandals by Office / Shades by Topshop / Watch by Timex


Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Ok, so I'm a bit of a Gel nails addict.  I really only wear nude or red varnish on my nails so I don't feel the need to change colours often.  When you get your nails done will Gels or Shellac it's so easy as they just last!  The only issue is having to go and get them done.  They are not cheap, and you have to get an appointment.  Do you use your lunch hour or go after work?  Either way there are better things to be doing with your time.  Well now it's suddenly about to get a lot easier.

Gel Touch are launching a kit that you can use with ANY nail varnish and still get the glossy, long-lasting top coat.  You simply paint your nails in your chosen colour, wait for them to dry completely, then add the Gel Touch Top Coat.  Using the included lamp cure nails for a minute, then wipe away the sticky residue - exactly like in the Salon.  It really couldn't be easier to use, and you get around 10 days before having to re-do them.

The Gel Touch starter kit will be launching soon in Debenhams stores.  I will let you know when they hit down as I have a feeling these things are going to fly!


Monday, 3 August 2015


Living in the depths of the Sussex countryside means that it isn't difficult to occupy yourself on a glorious summers day.  Pevensey Castle is situated on the coast and even if you live more than minutes away is well worth a visit.  It's crumbling fairy tale walls and flooded dungeons are surrounded by lush green fields, woodlands and meadows filled with butterflies.  

This snake print saddle bag is a perfect purchase to take you through to Autumn with the 70s look still in full swing.  It's just hit Next stores and online so shop it quick.  I've kept it pretty monochrome with this white silk & other stories shirt, black Zara skirt and Office clogs.

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