Thursday 13 December 2012

Road Trip

This week has pretty much consisted of frost, lows of minus five degrees, highs of two degrees, de-icing the car, my earmuffs,  de-icing the car about one hundred more times, and wishing I was on holiday.

And then this came through my door!

The Scent Of Departure are a line of exquisite fragrances that bring back the smells of distant trips to Dubai, New York, Paris, Tokyo and more.  My NYC smells of walking through New York City on a summers day.  It smells fresh and crisp with lilac and rose from Central Park and sparkling apple from the breeze across the harbor.

I am completely in love with everything about these perfumes.  The Idea, the ticket packaging, the dreamy smells that make British Winter so much more exciting!

Check out the collection at and treat yourself to a weekend away for only £40.00.  I'm planning Miami and Los Angeles next.  Lovely xx

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