Monday 20 May 2013

In the nude

One of the coolest beauty trends of the summer is super natural. Barely there make-up with a touch of delicate mascara, bushy eyebrows and a simple candy lip is a stunning and easy look.  Essential for this look? Great skin.

Well, if you have been keeping up to date with my beauty posts, this is the biggie! I have been using these simple, fresh, wonderfully scented products for over two months now and I am never going back. New brand 'Nude' focuses on making your skin fix itself.  The products in this natural range stimulate cellular energy to get the skin to produce its own anti ageing ingredients and anti oxidants. 

I am completely in love with the super soft perfect cleansing oil £28 which unlike other oils, foams when put with water.  It is light and delicate and removes all traces of make up.  When washed off it leaves skin very soft. I will use this day and night for ever and ever.

Next are two fantastic moisturisers.  I love both, and will use the radiant day moisturiser £46 in the summer as it is light weight and gentle and the thicker, creamier replenish daily moisturiser £46 in the winter, or when skin needs a bit more.

To finish off, and for blemish skin forever, use their ProGenius treatment oil £58.  As with all the Nude products a little goes a long way.  Use a few drops to feed your skin with omega oils.  I seriously found I had a better skin tone and fewer blemishes is under a week.  

It's not often you find products this good, that look after your skin.  I just hope Nude move on to body care and make-up too!

Also available at John Lewis.

Check out to shop for your face or find out more.

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