Monday 20 May 2013

Action Man

No, I'm not a menswear blogger, but I do like nice things, and this includes 'him' looking nice too.  Menswear's hard. Nothing too fancy or 'fashion' please. Simple and chic is definitely best. Great pieces that can be thrown on in almost any order. No Hawaiian shirts or skinny jeans. What a shame men don't still wear 3 piece suits and hats at all times hey? Mine seems to be happy for me to style him, as long as I avoid certain 'trends' - in fact avoid anything that could be classed as a trend.  The summer staple is a great Polo shirt. When you find a good one buy a few colours.  Cheap ones are, on the whole, false economy. I have found cheap menswear's worse than cheap womenswear. You don't have to go mad, but a £10 polo shirt is going to look like a £10 polo shirt, and after one wash he will have added it to his garage rags.  If he is tall it gets worse. To save money cheap clothes are made with less fabric - this means items will be shorter and crop tops may be in, but not on men.  Try getting him a few basics that last.  A decent polo should do a few seasons.  White usually does one season white - then they go grey.  God knows what they do to them? Stone Island do some great simple pieces in a nice quality.  A couple of these should sort him out, x

Polo shirt - From £67.50 Stone Island Via Repertoire Fashion


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