Wednesday 14 November 2018

STYLE - A Blazer For Every Day

By the time you hit your thirties you tend to have developed a personal style.  I have a bit of a go-to uniform.  I definitely don't stick to it routinely, however I do naturally sway towards it when pulling a look together or on those days where I run out of time.  I probably spent it clearing toddler breakfast  off the floor.

I'm totally a blazer girl.  My wardrobe is bursting with far too many and I'll continue to buy them as they are a dam good purchase!  Blazers are easy to throw over a vintage silk shirt, a band tee or slip dress for that dressed-up-dressed-down look.  

Taking this into account you can understand my excitement when I came across this simple satin-look cape beauty.  It's black, naturally, with a bit of edge and makes Autumn layering easy.  At under £20 it's the best purchase I've made in a while.  You can even save a little extra 15% from me by using code then15 when you shop.  


Use code then15 for an extra 15% off too


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