Tuesday 12 February 2019

A Little Luxe

There was a time when I left the house with a clutch bag or a dinky saddle bag.  Those times seem a long time ago and won't be returning soon.  We went out for a family brunch the other day and I was kicking myself for not carrying a colouring book and a toddler fork.  I must have had EVERYTHING else I own in my bag.  I carry muslins, two sizes of nappies, wipes, lip balm, toys, snacks, water, lipsticks, hand cream and around 100 other items and need to be able to fish out what I need instantly.  All mums know that its not worth making a nearly two year old wait.  

A great bag must have pockets for everything.  It must also look beautiful because it's not all about the babies. This Beau Sophia Leather baby bag is just delicious looking and has pockets galore, a removable insert (so you can take the contents and give it instantly to your hubby/mother in-law for their bag), an organiser changing mat (clutch bag) and pouch for all your essentials.  When something is this well designed it makes mum-life that little bit easier.  

As a special treat for you lovely readers Im offering you an incredible £100 off with code NS100 making it only £89.  Just click the link below and enjoy.


Trousers - Zara
Top - Mango, old
Boots - Next, old


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