Friday 31 August 2018

BEAUTY - Facial Refresh

A few weeks back I'd really noticed that my skin was looking dull, tired and a bit old.  Wrinkles were starting to show more and my under eyes were looking sunken.  I'm sure it's due to being pregnant and dehydrated most of the time.  The world seemed to have their summer glow on and avoiding the heat has left me looking rather ghost like in comparison.  A serious zap of facial energy was needed badly.  

I decided to try a few products and change up my skincare regime a bit.  I switched my daily moisturiser, added a decent SPF and routinely applied a sleep mask all from the French skincare brand IOMA.  I'd not tried anything from them before so it was all new to me.  After just one use of the Vitality Sleeping Mask I was hooked.  It's light like a gel moisturiser and you just put it on slightly thicker than a moisturiser before going to bed - it couldn't take less effort.  It rests and moisturises the skin leaving it looking plump and radiant in the morning.  It literally left my face glowing.  It smells incredibly fresh and is wonderfully cooling which is perfect to de-stress after a long day.  My skin is very sensitive at the moment and this is so soothing.  I'm using it most nights directly onto cleansed skin.

Come morning I just cleanse as normal.  The mask soaks in so quickly that it doesn't leave any residue that needs removing.  I then use a few pumps of IOMA's Youthful Moisture Cream which is also from their Energize range.  The cream is again almost gel like feeling fresh and hydrating upon application.  It soaks in quickly making it easy to apply make-up shortly afterwards.  My skin looks visibly plumper and stays glowing throughout the day.  To care for my skin I started using the Cell Protector which contains an SPF 50 and protects against UVA, UVA and environmental stress. Unlike suncreams it isn't greasy and leaves a smooth finish like a primer so I just pop it on over my moisturiser.  

I like to use products for a good amount of time before telling you about them but after two weeks I can't believe the difference they have made to my skin with very little effort.  The Mask feels like such a treat - like having a facial before bed every night.  For any of you wanting to try out IOMA' s lovely skincare use my special 20% off discount code thenudestylist20 on the site.*.  If you give them a go let me know your thoughts.


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