Tuesday 21 March 2017


Doesn't a bright day just change your mood?  I always feel like I can achieve anything when the sun's out.  The Spring weather is still pretty mixed here but the odd warm afternoon with blue skies reassures that Summer is not that far away.  

Spring weather brings with it those wonderful scents that just ooze excitement.  Whether it's cut grass, salty warm sea or Cherry Blossom the smells of spring bring the promise of an enticing year ahead.

I have fallen rather in love with another scent that landed on my doorstep this week.  Coach are launching there Coach Eau de Toilette in May which is inspired by the spontaneous energy and downtown style of New York.  This fresh scent is filled with pear and white Alba roses.  Lasting all day it puts a wonderful spring in your step whether you're racing around the city or relaxing in the countryside.  

I am a huge, huge fan of Coach's current Eau de Parfum fragrance which is again light and perfect for Spring.  It is filled with the scent of bright, sparkling raspberry and Turkish roses.  This Springtime why not give flowers or chocolates a miss and pick up this beauty for Mother's Day on Sunday?  I cannot think of anything I would rather receive and visits home will mean you can steal a spritz or two until the favour is returned or you cave and treat yourself too.  It will bring joy all Summer long.



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  1. Sunny days are totally game changing! Everything is immediately so much better!



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