Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Recently mornings are spent staring into my wardrobe aimlessly trying to work out what is actually wearable.  I estimate ninety percent of my clothes are currently out-of-action so choices are a little limited.  A mix of some good maternity basics and a few items from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe are getting my through.  Some items have had a serious revival including a selection of trench and duster coats, some shorter jackets, a batch of longline tees and my hats.  Having very little energy means I want to spend as little time as possible doing anything, including sorting my messy mane.  This camel felt trilby along with a few other shower proof beauties have become my daily go to.  If you are lacking energy or just want a break from the hair stylers this Spring then pick one up and wear it everywhere.  Shop my current favourites below.  36 weeks now so not long to go!




  1. I am obsessed with this look! So chic


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