Thursday 26 April 2012

Red & Yellow & Pink & Blue

I was very kindly invited along to see Benetton and Sisley’s Autumn Winter 12 collection.  In the well lit office the colours really leapt out and it was clear to see that for Benetton - with a new team on board - the direction is back to its heritage.  The perfectly fitting knits, bright berry colours, amazing fabrics.  The tweed ‘Clueless’ style skirt suits and super soft cashmere cardigans were how i remember it.  The branching out of fabrics included neoprene jackets and coats which looked 10 times their price tag.  It was Pringle in Burberry colours - what Benetton should be.  Sisley was beautiful silks and girly furs in shades of blues, blacks and creams.  Definitely a brand thats back on my style radar for workwear in winter.

Great work guys, lovely collections.
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