Sunday 27 May 2012

Party, party, dinner, party.

So you’ve heard of Maddox, super chic club just off of Regent St in the centre of London.  It just got better.  The ‘thing’ at the moment is to be able to have dinner with friends in the club that your planning on spending the night in.  Maddox have launched an exclusive restaurant on the mezzanine level above the club, with a few tables and small menu.  I was lucky enough to go and spend an evening there a few weeks ago, and I shall be returning.

The atmosphere is fantastic, with gorgeous model-DJs playing whist you tuck into your just as beautiful food.  The menu is a set 3 courses (with a few choices for each), all for around £40 I believe.  I had a crab salad, roasted cod with vine tomatoes and a chocolate mouse - all delicious - whist drinking cocktails and champagne and dancing in my chair to the great music!  Other diners were dancing on tables wearing celebrity masks (provided on tables).  All very surreal, and made for a fabulous evening.  Where to go then?  Down a few stairs to take full advantage of the drinks menu and Diamond encrusted DJ (well here headphones anyway).  Great evening - comes highly recommended.  Visit

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