Sunday 16 September 2012


Sorry all, for being missing in action for so long.  I have just returned from a week off, no phones or internet, in Devon with friends and family.  It really involved a lot of ice creams and pasties, beaches, walks and red wine.  I know what you're thinking - 'Over LFW!' - which was a bit of an error due to being planned a long time ago.  Eight of us stayed in a cottage in the depth of the Devon countryside.  Now I am back and have a LOT to catch up on, but feeling fully refreshed xx

Photos from Top, me with a huge Devon Honey ice cream/climbing tors on Dartmoor/dancers at Widdecombe-on-the-moor's Fair/and holding a little owl at the Fair/door trying to get in on some icecream action/boyfriend swimming on one of the hot beach days/pasty
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