Wednesday 10 October 2012

Day to Day

I commute daily to London and travel a lot with work so I cannot cope with a small bag.  I am currently using my Burberry black leather tote which is large, with great compartments.  Some of the items that I cannot live without are:

- my iphone and blackberry, 
- small camera for unexpected invites to fashion and beauty events,
- magazines, my favorites at the moment are In Style and Harpers, but this changes a lot,
- lipsticks to finish off an outfit - Revlon lip butter, Mac in Scarlet, Clinique chubby stick,
- my umbrella - it is London after all.  These are usually balanced with my Moschino sunglasses,
- Benefit 'Hello Flawless' foundation,
- Nail polishes - trains are perfect for doing your nails, although I feel the suits would not agree,
- my leather notebook to jot down any creative ideas.

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