Sunday 17 March 2013

Serving olives

Wonder no more. The ever-so-classic Ralph Lauren home collection got some edge. From now on I will be serving all canapés on silver skull sticks and poring my G&T from a skull decanter - too Perfect.

Last night at the Ralph Lauren press event to showcase their home ware range I was thrilled to not only see the preppy initialed robes and striped duvets, but exciting oversized posters, huge lamps in chunky black metal and the perfect skull tableware. Unusual for Ralph, but still very much their customer, the casual lounge filled was filled with fashion books and editorials rather than poetry and flora. The bedcovers were thrown on, with minimum pillow-age. I loved the fabulous decor almost as much as the canapés and champagne that were served. I am still very much in the middle of my interiors for my recently renovated house and can't wait to shop these pieces.

Lovely event, thanks Ralph xx

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