Monday 8 April 2013

Skin beautiful

Over the past few months I have turned from product lover to product addict. I must have trialled 200 cleansers, toners, scrubs, moisturisers and more. I am determined to sort the best of the best from the not-all-that. Just to recap, my skin is normal to dry, with the odd blemish (more after a birthday weekend though). I have a few fabulous products to show you this week. I won't post products unless I truly believe in them. My skin is currently the best it has ever been and I put it down to my favourites. I will always have my fall backs that I have posted before - Clinique foam wash is just brilliant and Garnier's simple tub of rosé moisturiser is the best thing for under £5, resembling a £30 product. These products to follow could even beat these babies!

Aromatherapy Associates is a brand that I recently discovered and read great things about. I have a stressful day job in Visual Merchandising and have been after a lux eye cream for evening to soothe my tired iPad eyes, preferably at a not so lux price. I was a little worried these products may be too rich or greasy but completely the opposite. I will use the Firming eye serum at £39 for ever and ever! It is Devine. It smells soothing and cools the eye area. It is a light gel and you only need the smallest amount. It is rich in anti-oxidants including black tea and cranberry which plump and smooth. My eyes feel more revived constantly, not just when I put it on. Highly recommended, treat yourself, save your eyes.

The other product I tried was the Rose hydrating face mask at £36. This is the perfect present for a stressed friend or just yourself. There is officially NOTHING better than an evening in the bath in this luxury hydrating mask with aloe vera and damask rose water distiller from Bulgarian roses. It is cooling and seriously boosts moisture.

Fabulous products! Can't wait to stock up on the whole range including rose hydrating mist £20 and the moisturising lip balm £15. Visit for more. Xx

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