Sunday 14 July 2013

Long Summer Bronzing

This year, more than ever, it feels like we have had a double summer.  We have the first summer, the fashion summer.  In March when the new season summer lines hit the shops and we insist on wearing pastels and prints, even if it is with tights and our umbrellas due to the great british weather.  Then summer sale hits and the new AW editorials launch to get us all excited.  Then, just a few weeks ago our real summer hit.  Three full weeks and counting of 30 degree sunshine and real summer dressing.  Stores everywhere predict this and drop their second summer collections.  Perfect.  Now come the long hot evenings, golden tans and embellished bikinis for pool lounging.  

Just in time for our fabulous SS (second summer) comes the launch of  IAM,  Ileana Makri's exquisite greek jewellery line.  Her collection based on myths and symbols feature interpretations of bugs and snakes.  IAM's new figaro rings are essentials for looking glamorous, and not just for this season. Her gold plated sterling silver ring takes inspiration from antique lace and will finish off a simple printed shift dress for by the pool or evening drinks. 

Check out IAM's rose gold Chantilly ring and her beautiful greek goddess earrings at My Wardrobe now and make summer last xx

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