Saturday 8 February 2014

Check Blazer meets Red Lipstick

This weekend we did a little local sightseeing including visiting the old Science Centre just down the road. The building is one of my favourites and is surrounded by the greenest fields which makes it the perfect summer picnic hideaway.  You do feel a little like zombies could flood out of the old rotting domes and kill off the world at any minute, but I still find it utterly fascinating.  

It is not summer however, in fact we had another hurricane whilst hanging out in the mix of sunshine and hail. I am trying any attempt at the moment to wear anything other than a large coat but with heavy rain day in day out it's not easy.  I jumped at the chance to wear a blazer in the sunshine.  This check black and red one is a recent favourite from High St queen Dorothy Perkins. I'm keeping it simple here over a Zara lace blouse and leather look trousers with my new sale purchase boots from River Island.

Blouse - Zara - Old

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