Thursday 19 June 2014

Cut out and duffels

 Sunday mornings are for lie ins, coffee and wandering pretty cobbled streets.  This sunday all three were achieved to perfection.  Browsing the castles and antique shops in Lewes is one of my favourite hobbies alongside choosing which house in which Twitten I will move to one day. Sussex is one of the few places that the British word for 'A narrow path or passage between two walls or hedges' is still used and I rather like it.  This light weight black silk blazer is perfect for this warm weather and goes with everything.  If you haven't yet visited Lewes you really should spend a weekend - it is simply gorgeous.

Silk blazer - Wallis

White cut out tee - DP

Silver cracked jeans - H and M

Duffel bag - DP 

Pom Pom - Jigsaw


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