Monday 11 August 2014

Me Me Me

I love discovering a new make up brand that I haven't tried before and mememe cosmetics are a mix of fantastic prices and luxury feeling products.  I have an obsession with their 'Light Me Up' lipgloss in Illuminate that has a sheer, super soft, no stick consistency. In fact it is pretty much perfect.  This pale pink has a slight shimmer and so is great for holidays and end of summer tans.  I'm not usually a fan of gimmicks on my make up however the light and side mirror on this gloss have made me question why all brands don't include this.   Mememe's 'Eye Inspire Classic Trio' eyeshadows also surprised me with its easy to apply silky texture.  The colours work perfectly together to build up a smokey eye with any pallet.  Hop onto the website now and pick up a few beauty updates at


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