Tuesday 28 October 2014


It's always around this time of year that I have the I-have-nothing-to-wear dilemma.  In reality, I have a fair bit to wear, but after a season of mild weather I am bored and uninspired with what's sitting in my wardrobe.  A few fun, versatile additions can change all this.  Go for something thats outside your usual shopping criteria and will give you something new to play with.  I adore the pyjama trend that's been about for a bit, however it can be a bit risky in an early monday meeting and I'm not sure I could handle all of the 'forgot to get dressed' jokes before a coffee. This winter floral print jumpsuit hints towards the look whist still looking groomed.  Add either coloured court shoes (try these at Office) or black pointed ankle boots and a long-line black blazer and you are good to go!  Best bit is it wont break the bank at only £29.99.


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