Sunday 11 January 2015


So whilst we are on a British beauty brand roll lets talk about Green & Spring.  Inspired by the British countryside, products are created using native herbs and flowers.  The main attraction to the brand for me was the incredible scents created using essential oils.  The products are all 100% natural, from the UK and ethically sourced.  There are no colours and no synthetic fragrances meaning they are perfect for delicate January skin.

You haveprobably spotted the brands beautifully illustrated bird packaging on cleanwhite bottles. This alone is enough to brighten my spirits and my bathroom.  Choose from collections including ‘Relaxing’ with kitchen herbs and lavender and ‘Revitalising’ with peppermint and fennel.  For spring I’m enjoying the Revitalising Body lotion which smooth’s on beautifully and soaks into skin leaving it soft and revived.  Apply straight after your shower for best results.  For those days when only a bath will do I love the Revitalising light bath oil Sundaymornings haven’t been the same since I received this product.  You only need a few drops and it leaves skin soft and smelling delicious.  The oil is rich in vitamins and the aniseed and cinnamon improve circulation.  Treat yourself to this oil if (like most of us) you can’t afford a spa trip this January.  I can’t wait to try more from this delicious brand.


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