Friday 6 March 2015

Grab your passport, lets go


There are times when you just need to pack a bag, turn off your phone and get away from it all.  There are some  places that will wow you into forgetting about reality and change the way you think, forever.  For me, it’s all about tall mountains and deep wide lakes.  Alberta and the Rockies has them both in volume.

Banff may be better known for its fantastic ski seasons, but in the summer the town becomes a hidden paradise.  Banff boasts the deepest bear filled forests, the widest turquoise lakes and the tastiest bison burgers you will ever feast on. 

I travelled to Banff last September and spent 4 days staying at The Hidden Ridge Resort, which is made up of Luxury Condos surrounded by forest.  The location is ideal for hiking and relaxing whist being walking distance from the town – just watch out for the coyotes!  Our condo was a 2 bed, made up of three floors and an open plan living space with roaring open fires and great views over the mountains.  There is an outdoor Jacuzzi which is perfect after a long day walking or kayaking.

Banff town is quaint and pretty, filled with shops selling designer winter clothing and fantastic restaurants.  Be sure you book any restaurant visits in advance as the town gets very busy.  My favourite evening was spent at The Bison (here), where they serve the most delicious steak and burgers, all locally sourced.

Make sure you take full advantage of the activities whist there.  The kayaking is great fun and the clear waters mean you can see all the animals swimming around just below you.  You will not believe the colours of the lakes, some turquoise and some bottle green.  Hiking will take you above the clouds and with views to die for.

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