Thursday 2 July 2015


Call me an addict, but since I started using Dermalogica Skincare I just can't get enough.  I'm sure you know the brand and their clean, clinical packaging.  Their focus is on your skin, not on false promises.  Just over a month ago I visited the Dermalogica store in London's One New Change and got my face mapped to find out exactly what was going on with my skin.  I have never had any huge problems -  it's a little dry and there is a bit of redness.  

Following my visit I started to use the Dermalogica Ultra Calming range that was advised to me.  My routine included the precleanse, ultra calming cleanser, daily microfoliant, ultra calming mist, ultra calming serum concentrate, redness relief primer, barrier repair and skin smoothing cream.  I know!  Although it didn't take long to use each one.  Now I've given them all a good try I have a few products that I am going to stick to and would highly recommend.

Firstly the precleanse. This deep cleanser is fortified with olive and kukui oils and melts away make-up, suncream, pollutants and dirt.  It is super hydrating and leaves skin moisturised.  The precleanse comes out as oil but when water is added it turns to a milky consistency.  Massage on, wash or wipe  off.  Easy.

Now I'm not going to run through everything here, but the products I am leaving out is simply due to the fact I'm a quick routine girl, not because they are not brilliant.  The ultracalming cleanser is a lovely gentle gel-like cleanser and the daily microfoliant is the ideal face scrub for those with delicate skin.

Another favourite is the ultracalming mist.  Just a few spritz's of this cooling face spray calms redness, stinging or aggravated skin.  It is ideal to wake you up in the morning or for a hydrate during a busy day.  The spray contains aloe as well as oat and ginger actives.  I now always take this when I'm travelling, especially on a plane.  You can use this lightly over makeup and it won't smudge so it is ideal to have in the office too.

A product that is always in my beauty bag is the ultracalming serum concentrate. This cooling, milky product helps calm, restore and defend sensitive skin with peptides that support collagen formation and help to ease discomfort.  This is ideal if you are the outdoors type.  Whether it's sun and wind burn from sailing or walking, or dry chills from the slopes this product will help your skin recover.  I find it is just as good after an evening of heat and pollution in London.

Finish off your morning routine with this redness relief primer which is a vile green colour and lightly removes any redness or blemishes before popping on your make-up.  Not only that but it is also spf 20 so you can look after your skin all day.  Pick a few of these great products and give them a try.  If you want to know any more about any of them or my skin type just ask away.

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