Thursday 22 October 2015

Warm light

Leather vs pleather trousers is a serious debate.  Pleather has itself some pretty good features and benefits. Firstly the cost.  Who hasn't purchased a pair of Zara's skinny pleather leggings for under thirty pounds and wondered 'How do they do this?'  Then there's the fact that the material usually has some stretch which improves the fit.  

But leather.  That butter soft, cow scented black delight.  It may stretch in time and never fit properly again.  It may also cost a small fortune.  But I love it.  My recent favourite is the sporty jogger style with its slightly loose fitting leg and tapered ankle.  For easy morning dressing simply grab trousers, throw on a classic white shirt and add a blazer or knit depending on the weather.  Easy peasy.

Leather trousers by Maje/Shirt by Urban Outfitters/Knit by Zara


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