Wednesday 13 January 2016

Hit refresh

Cocktails, canapés, office chocolates.  After a month of indulging it's not just my diet that needs detoxing.  My skin is dull and lifeless with blemishes that I know are down to that extra glass of wine.  Ideally that's where an exotic January holiday would come in, however as that is NOT going to happen this little beauty product is the next best thing.

Refreshing, light and very hydrating the new moisturiser from the skin experts at Dermalogica is my new best friend.  An early start is much improved by it's zingy grapefruit scent and after just a week my blemishes are hugely reduced.  Whatever your issues - sensitivity, spots, dry skin - this is the product for you.  I'm so in love I'm carrying this in my handbag for any dry area midday touch ups. 

At only £16.15 it's an affordable January treat for you're skin when that trip to the Caribbean is just out of reach!

Enjoy, let me know how you get on.


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