Wednesday 16 March 2016

Compact Cream Foundation / Nars

As many regular readers already know I commute a fair way to work everyday.  Living in Sussex by the sea and working in London gives me the best of both worlds but it does mean that my make-up has to last a really long time.  I don't carry a lot of products with me, however I do like to have something in my bag to do any touching up and take me from day to night. I thought I'd update my current concealer situation with something a little more useful and had some kind of foundation compact idea in mind.  A lot of the compacts out there are a powder format and this wasn't what I was after as I find powers a little drying, especially when the weather is still cold.

I'm a big Nars fan and already rate their Sheer Glow foundation. I use this most days and love the very lightweight fluid texture and good coverage.  It's a hydrating product and lasts far longer than a lot of foundations I have tried.  I spoke to the girls at the Nars counter in Selfridges and they recommended their Radiant Cream Compact Foundation. You purchase a case and then a colour and sponge combo which means you can just update with a refill in the future.  The case is a small enough size to be bag friendly and after a few weeks of bashing about seems strong and sturdy. The product itself is a solid block that once you start using becomes a creamy foundation. It's very easy to sponge on and you can either touch up a few areas or do an entire face of make-up.  Again this product is very moisturising and creamy so doesn't dry delicate skin.  I actually cannot fault it.

I'm using shade Light 2 Mont Blanc but the cream comes in twenty colours so there is definitely a shade for you.  I am well and truly on the Nars band wagon and have my eye on a few more of their products so I will keep you posted.



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