Thursday 23 June 2016

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Unboxing a shiny new foundation or glossy lipstick is one of my biggest joys.  Beauty trends move so fast and it seems that every week there’s a new item I just have to try.  Every now and again I find a product that I wonder how I lived without and continue to buy for years to come.   Here I have listed a few of my essentials that I never let get to the end.  If you purchase just one item this summer make it one of these.

This DHC deep cleansing oil is incredibly gentle and melts every speck of makeup off in a second.  Yep even waterproof mascara.  It leaves my skin soft and hydrated.  If you try this you wont regret it.

Around a year ago I started to use eye creams on a regular basis and it has made a huge difference.  My go to product is this Dermalogica age reversal eye complex.  Its regenerating peptides and vitamin C boost have plumped up my under eye area nicely.

I must have tried a hundred eye brow pencils and being blonde with fair eyebrows the colour is always too dark or doesn't show up.  This Charlotte Tilbury brow lift is a coloured wax and comes in several shades.  The blonde in 'Grace Kelly' is perfect.  The wax is easy to apply gliding on like a silky pencil but stays put all day.  It even includes a brush and highlighter so you need nothing else.  Amazing!

At the weekend I tend to go light on make up and switch from a full foundation to a cc cream for a bit of a glow.  This Instaglow cc cream by The Body Shop has SPF 20, hydrates, illuminates, reduces shine and moisturises skin.  It's also the ideal travel companion for sticking on after a flight or long drive.

- The mascara - 

I'm a huge fan of Rosie's beauty collection for Marks & Spencer and this Insta Lash mascara coats lashes making them long and thick whilst staying put all day.

- The eye liner - 

Easily the best liquid eyeliner for a fine line that stays put.  Seriously, this won't budge.  I haven't yet found anything that competes to this gem.  A little tip - they also stock these in Topshop Oxford Circus so glad one on your way past!


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