Thursday 3 November 2016


I'm not sure anything beats the freedom of wearing trainers to bounce from meeting to meeting on a manic work day.  When you have appointments in Central London, then East, then back to Central.  When the tubes are delayed and the bus didn't turn up and you suddenly have the ability to walk there instead.  

From kicks to bomber jackets, joggers to baseball caps, active clothing has been filling our fashionable wardrobes for a few seasons.  Styling one of two fitness pieces with a silk slip dress, simple tee or satin trench makes them perfect for work or weekend.  As someone who is a bit of a sucker for keeping fit and healthy I love the freedom these pieces give you.  

Move over clothing as now it's our accessories turn!

I first started lusting over activity trackers around a year ago when as a runner I realised wearing one of these clever watches meant I could track my route, speed, time and more.  Gone was the need for strapping my large phone to my arm.  Gradually more features appeared on these devices including your heart rate, monitoring your sleep, tracking your steps and even details of a  phone call or text.  Ok, so now it's a serious gadget.  

Although I'm currently on a break from running (I'm nearly five months pregnant and have suffered horribly with serious morning sickness) I am finding my Fitbit is still giving me the motivation to stay active.  I'm jumping off the tube early to get my steps up or taking a weekend walk in the park.  These watches are no longer for gym bunnies but for gadget lovers everywhere.  Plus they are fun!

Fitbit's new Charge 2 heart rate and fitness wristband is even better with it's interchangeable straps, calendar alerts and guided breathing sessions.  This may just be something you want to add to your Christmas list! I know I will be.


Watch - Fitbit / Trainers - Nike Cortez / Bomber - Topshop / Leggings - Gap / Earrings H&M


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