Friday 30 December 2016


I frequently overhear people discussing how much they love or loved being pregnant.  I can't say this has been the case for me and I'd love to hear about your experiences (I'm currently 27 weeks which is around 7 months for those who are not counting them down).  

For me, I've had to give up several of my real loves; Running, Wine and beautiful clothes.  The running has been a real struggle.  I've suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum which is a severe case of morning sickness from around 6 weeks and as I result decided it was best to stop running whilst I was pregnant.  

When getting dressed in the morning I have found the biggest area I have missed is my denim!  I am a huge fan of a good boyfit, a straight leg with a raw edge or a skinny paired with a white shirt and blazer for any day of the week.  As it turns out not all maternity jeans are made equal and some are so uncomfortable!  The waistband join can dig in or is too low and falls down.  The fabric stretches on wash one or they can just feel god dam horrid.  I tried a few pairs from High Street brands maternity lines before admitting that maybe I needed to explore a specialised company.  

Isabella Oliver has a beautiful site filled with simple pieces in black and white with a French meets fashion feel.  I stocked up on a few pieces including these dark indigo boyfit jeans with a cuffed cropped hem.  They are a super-soft denim with a comfy waistband and look as good with Converse as they do with a pair of heels.  I literally have not taken them off. When wearing them to the office I have been adding a black polo neck sweater, black suede boots and some statement earrings.  I also ordered a long sleeve fitted navy tee which is the most beautiful quality and the ruched waist is comfy and very flattering.  This must have been through the washing machine a dozen times already and is as good as new.  

If you have been looking for a few pregnancy wardrobe essentials I highly recommend stocking up on a few pieces from Isabella Oliver to get you though.  Take a look at their site here and let me know your thoughts!  I have added a few of my faves below for you to shop.



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