Tuesday 8 January 2013

When every brick, every bar, every elegance I see, I see her face,

London has gotten colder again this week and so out came the trusty old vintage fur.  This coat was purchased around ten years ago and I think cost me £12.  It was vintage and too big and I love it, always have always will.  I have given my mesh hair donut a go today and although my hair isn't really thick enough or long enough to give it oomph, I still rather like it.  Managing to have three sculls on my wrists so pretty proud of that.  You cant really tell from the pictures but this dress is a great New Look find at only £16.99 with a waffle fabric and perfect drop waist.  Keep warm all xx

Coat - vintage 

Bun Mesh Donut (comes in 2 sizes) - New Look - £3.99 

Necklace H&M - Old

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