Sunday 17 February 2013

Fashion Week Essentials Part 1

For those days when you are exhausted and have lost the willpower to be able to put an outfit together, but still want to look effortlessly chic.  Follow in the fashion footsteps of one of my favourite bloggers Elin Kling and go for the simple, thrown together basics and hop into a pair of boyfriend jeans.  This soft faded pair are a snip at under £23 and will work with a simple tee and any pair of beloved heels.  Perfect.

One of my desert island products that I started using a few years ago when traveling a lot with work.  A few sprays of this relaxing pillow mist and I am guarantied a fantastic nights sleep, wherever I am.  After a long day of shows and events you need to catch up on as much sleep as possible before it all starts again.  Fabulous product that lives by the side of my bed... always.

Another brilliant product.  It is a bad time of year anyway for skin thanks to the cold weather, central heating and too many glasses of red wine in front of the fire.  This is my go-to staple for great skin.  The face wash is the lightest weight foam that feels spa like on the skin.  Just coat, leave a minute to tingle gently, then wash off.  If you need it any time you need it during fizz filled fashion week. xx

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