Tuesday 8 July 2014


Bill had grown up surrounded by vegetables.  His father was a keen gardener and when he took Bill down to a shed sized building in Lewes, East Sussex, he told him to make of it what he wished. Bill opened a grocer's which struggled along until it was wiped out, along with his house, in the floods in 2000. He gave it a second shot. This time the grocer was given the addition of a cafe and was opened on the high st.

The cafe was stacked high with beautiful and delicious ingredients and fresh homemade food was served to the locals. Bill became a bit of a success and started opening more cafes to cater for the demand. The rest you could say, is history.
Whether you stop by for a coffee and pastry or a burger and raspberry lemonade in Covent Garden, Brighton or Lewes, think of Bill and his second shot. I for one am extremely grateful he gave his dream another go! Be sure to visit one of his many restaurants to dine on delicious food and enjoy the friendly local atmosphere. 

Thanks Bill


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