Thursday 17 July 2014

Wedding shoes

I have been developing my sense of style since the age of about four.  I think for a lot of people this goes hand in hand with finding out who you are.  At the age of five I demanded a hot pink Benetton tracksuit with embroidered multi-coloured jungle animals in bright colours on it. I adored it. This was not my finest fashion moment.  It was also not the last time I had a fashion disaster.  However I would not take back any of them as they are the reason I enjoy and have fun with fashion to this day. 

By the time you get married I think most people have a fair idea about who they are, and what they like to wear, yet it is easy to get lost in what you are 'suposed' to do.  The best advice people have given me is to stick to your guns.  It is yours and your partners day... not anyone else's.  For the past year I tried on every pair of shoes that I thought I should have for my big day.  None of them felt right.  They were not fun, or minimal, or particularly unusual.  

One lunchtime I was browsing the rails and plinths in one of my favourite stores, & other stories, when I fell in love.  They are everything I would want from a shoe.  Great heel height, a mix of textures, neutral, have a hint of black, and very me!  They were swiftly packed up in their beautiful box and are waiting for my big day. What do you think?

Be you and stay you x


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