Thursday 19 February 2015

Under cover

 It was during those crazy few hours before you say 'I do' that I first discovered Colorscience mineral make-up.  A gorgeous friend was touching up my make-up that I had insisted on doing myself with the most wonderful corrector palette I had ever seen at work.

Six months later I was still craving the effects of this powerful concealer when the same dear friend ordered it for me.  It really is as brilliant as I remember.  I love the look of very little make-up but with long days and a busy job I always have eye bags and blemishes by Thursday that give me away.  This means that a good concealer is a vital part of my make-up routine.  Colorscience is an all natural range that as well as taking care of your skin, has great coverage.  This palette has different shades that are good for covering different issues such as reds, blues and blacks.  They mix well together and are super easy to use.

This is one of those products that will live in my handbag for last minute touch ups and I never want to be without again.


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