Thursday 28 April 2016

Making Waves / My Favourite New Addition To Create Spring's Must Have Style

Hair this Spring is all about big loose waves and I am a little obsessed.  I'd been trying to create this look using my regular hair straighteners but it always came out too 'perfect'.  I'd seen these chunky hair wands hanging about in salons and always wanted to give them a try.  

When shopping for a hair wand it's tempting to go for the biggest barrel you can find.  The size of barrel you need is dependant on how long your hair is, so, if like me your hair is mid-lenght then stick to something a little slimmer.  A tool that comes with multiple barrels is ideal as you can change your look and try different sizes.  

I chose the Trevor Sorbie Keratin Argan Magnetic Multi -Wand which is super easy to use.  The barrels are magnetic so just clip on and off!  The Keratin and Argan coating is gentle on your hair and leaves it snag free.  To create large waves you take a section at a time and wrap it around the wand.  Hold for just a few seconds and then release.  Once you have filled your hair with waves brush through with your fingers to create a beach look and then spray to hold in place.  It really couldn't be easier.  



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